OBJ to U3D | Trick to convert any 3D file into U3D with textures for Free (Mac & Win) -2024-

If you are looking for a free U3D converter that supports textures, it's probably not the right keyword to use, you may fall on some paid 3D file converters, online 3D file conversion services, and may start thinking to buy software or monthly subscription for something you are going to use occasionally.

Meshlab (open source software) is a powerful 3D converter that offers large choice of 3D file formats import and export including the Universal-3D format U3D, but there are some issues with textured 3D models, there is certainly a way to fix this but I'm bit lazy to search more or go deep about it, especially when it can't be done in a single click, and when there is a trick to do this in a more stable, correct and free way, fully compatible with Adobe Acrobat. I mainly use the U3D format to create 3D PDFs and share em online with my clients.

So if you have a basic un-textured 3D model or only with diffuse colors, Meshlab should be more than OK to do the conversion, just open your 3D file in Meshlab (should be one from the supported formats), and export it as U3D from the file > Export Mesh As  , the resulting file can be used with Adobe Acrobat.

Meshlab Export Mesh As U3D

Now if you want to create a U3D ECMA 1 file with textures embedded, to use with Adobe acrobat or any other software, you will need first to download your free copy of DAZ Studio Pro from www.daz3d.com (Available for both Mac and Windows),  in case you don't know what is DAZ ask Bryce 2 Nice ! 
 Use Meshlab or your favorite 3D software to export the desired 3D model as OBJ format, DAZ Studio allows you to import DAE Collada and FBX formats but for some reasons the OBJ format works better (esp if you are exporting from Sketchup).

Open DAZ studio, File > Import > OBJ format, on the import screen select or type the appropriate scale and make sure to tick the available options, and click Accept.

DAZ Studio Pro - OBJ Import Options

Now that you can see your textured model in the scene, you are ready to export it to U3D from the File menu File > Export, chose U3D from the drop down list and hit Save.

3D model imported

U3D File Export screen

Done ! now you can convert any textured 3D CAD file into U3D format for free, and use it in Adobe Acrobat to create 3D PDF files or anywhere else you want !

OBJ to U3D | Trick to convert any 3D file into U3D with textures for Free (Mac & Win) -2024- OBJ to U3D | Trick to convert any 3D file into U3D with textures for Free (Mac & Win) -2024- Reviewed by Moh.G on July 16, 2016 Rating: 5


  1. thank you so much it was too useful
    I want to ask about another program " not adobe " that produce 3D pdf

    thanks again !

    1. You can do it online from here : http://www.sk3tchup.com/2016/07/create-Free-3D-PDF-From-any-CAD-file.html

  2. Thank you so much! This made my day! Literally!


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