Homemade Wood 3D Printing Filament Extrusion

Experimenting with my Filastruder, I tried to create a metallic filament at home, well first idea to think about is mixing any kind of metal powder with some PLA or ABS feed it to the extruder and see what comes out, but what about using metallic paint on pellets directly? I'm not ColorFabb.

I took a few chunks of ABS plastic filament of a grayish white color, (the one I used to clean my extruder), and painted em all with gold metallic paint, I manually cut and put the pellets in the extruder.

ABS Filament Painted with Gold Metallic Paint

Filament Pellitized Manually

The extrusion:

The extrusion went well, but the extruded material was brown rather then yellow or gold , and you can see the metallic particles shining in the light, so may be we are going to end with copper material :) Let;'s see.

Filament Extrusion
Filament Extrusion
 Extruded Filament 1

 Extruded Filament 2

The 3D Print test:

The extruded filament prints very well like any ABS filament, layer to layer adhesion is fine, no problem with the support or anything, the surprise ; I was expecting to see a metallic print , but I ended up with a woody part , and no! sanding won't do it, This is Wood, WoodFill or WoodTroll call it whatever you want, it looks like wood, it looks good acceptable and I don't care how it is made! I guess this is a very cheap way to make wood like 3D filament at home, here a 3D print test, Makerbot Tractor using this home made Wood 3D filament.

3D Prints Using Home Extruded Wood Filament

Is this Woody enough ?

In the next experiment I will try the same process and may be paint the ABS with another metallic paint like silver. 

Any ideas, thoughts? please comment. 

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